Guelph Spoken Word Presents

OIPS 2016

September 10, 2016

River Run Centre

Guelph, Ontario



The following is a list of FULLY registered poets for OIPS 2016, listed alphabetically by stage name. If you believe your name should be here and is not, email us and we will look into it.

Amoya Reé

Bashar Lulu Jabbour


Cassandra Myers

Chi TheRealist

Christopher Robin

Dan Murray



Eitan Gallant





Heenal Rajani


Jessie Read

K. LuV-R Smith

Kaitlyn Woodthorpe

Kym Dominique-Ferguson


Londzo Drury

Mariah Lynne Dear

Matthew Dreitlein

Maxine Kanala

Michael Schepers


Rabbit Richards

Samantha Badaoa

Tomy Bewick

Twoey Gray

V rose

Xavier Smith

Maxine Kanala – Chapleau, ON, CA

  1. Maxine Kanala is a Southern USA-raised girl who recently breezed her way up to Chapleau, Ontario. There's a love story in there she's happy to gush about, but otherwise her accolades include: one-time national poetry team member of Slam Of Enchantment and three-time finalist of OUTSpoken's Queer Poetry Slam (both located in New Mexico).

Enye – New Brunswick, NJ, USA

  1. queer latino (boricua/colombiano) from the states. if he was able to craft a truly compelling bio, he would have attracted someone through tinder by now. currently attempting to secure a passport, nick has always admired frank ocean for his ability to miss deadlines and remained relatively unscathed. member of the 2016 rutgers verbal mayhem slam team for CUPSI.

DMP – Ottawa, ON, CA

  1. Daniel Mark Patterson (DMP) is an Award Winning Spoken Word Artist and self-professed misfit. For the past 8 years he has been sharing his endearing brand of awkward, his quest for acceptance and understanding on numerous national and local stages. He is a past member of 3 Poetry Slam Teams, and a 7 time Slam Team Finalist.

Cassandra Myers – Richmond Hill, ON, CA

  1. Cassandra Myers is a youth poet tackling heritage, sexuality, womanhood and family through passionate excavation and a soft touch. After leading teams to BNV and the CUPSI, Cassandra went on to perform on the 2016 WOWPS finals stage. A proud co-founder of the Ragdolls collective, she loves loudly, eats constantly, and wants to be your best friend.

Lex – Richmond Hill, ON, CA

  1. Lex Norman, a daydreamer mistakenly classified as "Troubled Youth", was born in the wintery snowscape of Thunder Bay and currently resides in Newmarket. When not writing or doodling flowers in her margins, Lex enjoys long walks on the beach, mixed drinks, and taking cat naps. With a twisted sense of humour and perfect eyebrows, your feet might get a chilly after she knocks your socks off.

Samantha Badaoa – Windsor, ON, CA

  1. Born in Leamington Ontario amid the tomato fields. Living in Windsor Ontario among the factories. Samantha Badaoa is a former Tetris addict. She only has three interests in the entire world: poetry, Colin Firth, and finding the perfect peanut butter to jam ratio. She is Windsor's 2015, and first ever,  Poetry Grand Slam Champion.

Jessie Read – Vancouver, BC, CA

  1. jessie read is a twenty-one year old kingston based poet entering her fourth year at queens university. she has had her work published in ultra violet magazine, competed in the 2016 collage union poetry slam invitationals and will be competing in the 2016 canadian festival of spoken word. she can't wait to immerse herself with fellow poetry fanatics. 

K. LuV-R Smith – Freeport, The Bahamas

  1. Currently a refugee claimant in Canada, Kristin “LuV-R” (pronounced Le`Var) Smith is originally from the beautiful archipelago called The Bahamas.  New to the spoken word scene and new to Canada, “LuV-R” wishes to share his conscious poetry that embodies his story while infusing universal law, philosophy and science.  Most importantly, his mission is to teach LOVE.

Christopher Robin – Richmond Hill, ON, CA

  1. Christopher Robin doesn't spend his afternoons exploring with talking pigs and bears, instead he writes. Yet he didn't actually know what Slam Poetry was until Shane Koyczan's 'To This Day' video went viral in 2013. Since then, he has found a family in Richmond Hill's YorkSlam and now hopes to further his skills here in Guelph.

Tomy Bewick – Burlington, ON, CA

  1. Tomy Bewick has been performing his poetry for over 12 years and competing in slams for almost as long. He has appeared on National and International Finals stages, as well as the original OIPS 2012 Finals stage, having represented Toronto, Burlington and his damn self. More at

EJ – Peterborough, ON, CA

  1. Elizabeth "EJ" Jenkins began writing poetry during early childhood. She often draws from life experiences and her environment for inspiration. EJ only began reading her poetry publicly in the winter of 2015-16 and this will be her first slam outside of Peterborough. She is a member of the 2016 Peterborough Poetry Slam Team and will be competing this October at CFSW in Winnipeg.

OIPS 2016 Poet Map, bios, and photos

Twoey Gray – Oakville, ON, CA

  1. Twoey Gray is a youth spoken word artist and pint-sized bleeding-heart badass. Twoey harnesses poetry for storytelling and social justice, sharing homegrown experiences of girlhood, queer identity, politics, and adventure. A founding member of The Ragdolls poetry collective, Twoey has shared the mic with legends including Jasmine Mans, Andrea Gibson, and Shane Koyczan.

Chi TheRealist – Rochester, NY, USA

  1. 22 year old James "Chi TheRealist" Boykins is a Chicago native, Rochester NY raised rapper/spoken word poet. In 2014 he slammed to become a member of Roc Bottom Slam Team. He has been nominated for different awards in the Rochester "Roc Awards" events including "Best New Artist" & "Best Male Poet" twice. He has competed in many team slams, and won many regional indie slams.

Matthew Dreitlein Rochester, NY, USA

  1. Born in Rochester NY, Matthew is active in the community performing, hosting, featuring, and creating spaces for new and old authors alike.  See him this fall in the Roc Bottom Slam Team Fringe Festival Show, or come out and attend the (W)ri(gh)t(e)2Heal Workshop he will be facilitating at Writers and Books.

Mariah Lynne Dear – Montreal, QC, CA

  1. Mariah Lynne Dear is a poet who is currently living in Montreal and is originally from Vancouver. She has been performing poetry onstage since she was seventeen. Since this epic debut, she has managed to dupe people into letting her perform on stages of varying degrees of sketchiness all across the country. She is very excited to add OIPS to this growing list!

V rose – Penfield, NY, USA

  1. V rose is a host on the Downtown Podcast, a late night Vegas talk show. She discovered her ability to play with words after a 500 mile trek through the Colorado Rockies, which led her to a greater understanding of how energy works. She is passionate about creating a New Earth - a world where humans recognize their power to co-create with each other and the Universe.

Heenal Rajani – London, England, UK

  1. Heenal Rajani grew up just outside London, England, and is someone who sees the silver lining in every cloud. He left the UK in 2009 to travel and collect stories, and recently discovered spoken word poetry as a form of story activism. Thank you for supporting poetry!

E-ratic – Hamilton, ON, CA

  1. Erin 'E-ratic' Aspenlieder is a member of the 2016 Guelph Slam Poetry Team. She lives and plays in Hamilton, Ontario.

Dan Murray – Burlington, ON, CA

  1. Dan Murray is a poet, musician, coach, mentor, and community leader, having represented Burlington at CFSW in 2011/2012, as well as We Flip Tables! in 2013. His 6-year journey through the world of slam has been driven by a constant need for self-improvement, which recently saw him awarded the 2015 Burlington's Best Award for Arts Person of the Year.

Rabbit Richards – Montreal, QC, CA

  1. Rabbit Richards is a Montreal­-based performance poet. Their/her stories and poetry blend the politics of race, love and gender with the emotional grounding of lived experience. Richards is a member of the Kalmunity Vibe Collective and staple in the Montreal poetry scene.

Bassam – Brampton, ON, CA

  1. Bassam is a queer Jewish-Arab from Brampton, Ontario. He is the current grand champion of the Guelph Poetry Slam (2016) and the Burlington Slam Project (2015), and has participated at national and international poetry slam competitions across Turtle Island ("North America").

Xavier Smith – Columbus, OH, USA

  1. Xavier is a poet from Columbus, OH. He has represented Ohio State University at CUPSI in 2015-2016 and Writing Wrongs Poetry at the National Poetry Slam in 2015. Xavier is also finishing his last year of college at OSU. If he's procrastinating you'll probably find him eating pizza or recking you at Super Smash Bros.

Elise – Guelph, ON, CA

  1. Elise found her home in Guelph, Ontario. Her passion for writing and performing has grown exponentially since becoming a member of the 2016 Guelph Poetry Slam Team. Elise loves her community more than anything, and can often be found at queer choir rehearsals, community acupuncture recliners, or sipping a local hoppy beverage among friends.

Jenikz – Mississauga, ON, CA

  1. Jenikz hails from Toronto but has found a home in each of the many countries she has visited. As a singer/songwriter with two albums Jenikz is no stranger to the art of the written word. Her poetry reflects her interests in spirituality and the geo-political climate, but balances her call for consciousness with many works for the hopeless romantic.

Nams – Guelph, ON, CA

  1. Namrata is a lover of community and the need to tell good stories. A recent graduate from the University of Guelph, social justice advocacy and food security is central to the work that she does. She fell in love with spoken word poetry the way most people fall in love- unexpectedly and unable to get enough.

Londzo Drury – Oakville, ON, CA

  1. As co-founder of The Ragdolls Collective, Londzo Drury is an uncensored story teller and professional skeptic, constantly over-sharing her experiences of queerness, grief, and mental health. Londzo has opened for prolific poets including Andrea Gibson and Shane Koyczan, and when she’s not competing, you can probably find her composing music or patting a dog gently on the head.

Kaitlyn Woodthorpe – Cambridge, ON, CA

  1. Kaitlyn Woodthorpe is a young artist hailing from Cambridge, Ontario. Kaitlyn tends to focus on subjects such as love and mental health, expressing these topics through poetry and all styles of artwork. Kaitlyn manages to express emotions and opinions with ease through her written work, captivating all who choose to read her material.

Amoya Reé – Brampton, ON, CA

  1. Amoya Reé is a spoken word poet who tells the stories that are often the most difficult to put into words. While she has had some of her work published, as a former theatre student she lives for the stage! Originally hailing from Scarborough, she now resides in Brampton, Ontario.

Bashar Lulu Jabbour – Kitchener, ON, CA

  1. Bashar Lulu Jabbour (He/Him) is an immigrant poet! He uses the mundane to give a glimpse of the complexities of leaving one home for another. Bashar is a storyteller, and in his stories the political is personal. He is a nationally competing poet, finishing 5th (team) & 6th (individual) in Canada and his debut book will be released late 2016.

Michael Schepers – Guelph, ON, CA

  1. Michael Schepers has been a local Guelph gardener for nearly thirty years. It is from his simple experiences digging up dirt that he started writing in 2014. His writings are full of natural images and they reflect on personal joy and growth. Michael's poetry is written from the heart and he creates unique images, metaphors and analogies in his inspirational poetry pieces. 

Eitan Gallant– Guelph, ON, CA

  1. Eitan Gallant currently resides in the fine city of Guelph, Ontario. He is a lover and not a fighter. Using the spoken word, he has sparked a revolution or two and bridged gaps between enemies. Shalom, Peace, Salaam. In every language.

Fannon – Guelph, ON, CA

  1. Fannon comes to us from Pittsburgh via Chicago and believes that spoken word poetry is the perfect marriage between writer and actor. His seven year journey to win Guelph a national title took him as close to second in the nation in 2014. Maybe this year he'll accomplish that goal in Winnipeg as a proud member of the 2016 Guelph Spoken Word team.

Kym Dominique-Ferguson – Montreal, QC, CA

  1. Kym Dominique-Ferguson is who and what you get when you blend together the polarizing languages and cultures of Jamaica, Haiti, and Canada. Ferguson always felt the lull of greatness, and throughout the years with humility, gratitude and openness to learning, his goals and achievements match that pull. Ferguson continues to strive towards the ever-elusive goal of greatness.