Guelph Spoken Word Presents

OIPS 2016

September 10, 2016

River Run Centre

Guelph, Ontario


Host city: guelph

A vibrant community of over 120,000 people, Guelph is ranked among the top ten places to live in Canada. The city is located in one of the strongest economic regions in the country -- 100 kilometres west of Toronto, just east of Kitchener-Waterloo, a short 90 minutes drive from Niagara Falls, and only a 3-hour drive from the Detroit-Windsor border. Guelph is rich in culture, architecture, parks and riverside green spaces.

While there are many places eat, shop, and party in downtown Guelph, many accommodations lie in the north and south ends of the city. These outlying hotels are conveniently located near public transit, and are thus still easily accessible by bus or car. Prices are reasonable, usually start at around $100/night for a basic hotel room. For more information, visit the Guelph Visitor’s website.

Guelph's signature performing arts centre overlooks the picturesque Speed River in the City's historic downtown core near the site where Guelph was founded. River Run Centre was conceived and built by the people of Guelph for the benefit of the community and designed to serve as a premier stage for concerts, musicals, plays, dance, family shows ... and now the Ontario International Poetry Slam. Hundreds of volunteers and donors were involved in bringing the dream to reality.

OIPS will be using different parts of the River Run Centre throughout the day. Additionally, OIPS attendees and poets have full access to the reception hall -- with full-service cash bar serving drinks and light snacks.

For driving directions, parking map, and to buy tickets, visit the River Run Centre website – 35 Woolwich Street, Guelph, Ontario (1-877-520-2408).

Host Venue: River Run centre

If you are travelling a distance to OIPS and will be flying, there are four airports in the nearby area you can use, depending on your needs:

kitchener/Waterloo airport (YKF)

Also known as the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF), this is the closest airport to Guelph. Flight options are very limited, though, so it’s likely you’ll only use this terminal if you are flying from relatively nearby on a small plane.

John C. Munroe hamilton airport (YHM)

The second closest airport to Guelph, Air Canada and West Jet both fly out of Hamilton. It serves as an alternate and reliever for Pearson airport, so there are a wide range of flight options here. Public transit to Guelph is limited, though.

toronto Island airport (Ytz)

Officially called the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Toronto Island is a small airport in downtown Toronto. Though it is the furthest of four airports away from Guelph, it does have the best public transportation options to OIPS and is ideal for those who want to fly in and take a bus to OIPS. The primary tenant is Porter Airlines.


Also know as the Lester B. Pearson International Airport, this is the big one: it is the world’s 15th busiest airport by flights. If you’re flying from quite a distance, Pearson will be your best bet ... and in many instances, your only direct-flight option. Public transit to Guelph from Pearson is limited (you can take the Red Car shuttle service for about $75 to Guelph), though, so consider renting a car instead.


Depending on where you land, your will have different public transit options. Some links are below for various services:

  1. Red Car Service (airport shuttle)

  2. Greyhound Bus

  3. GO Transit (Bus and Rail)

  4. VIA Rail

  5. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

flying to the ontario international poetry slam